The northeast Indiana’s D.R.A.W. Users Group has been in existence since the mid ’80’s as a not-for-profit organization consisting of engineers, designers, students, drafting supervisors, and local Autodesk re-sellers. As a history lesson, AutoCAD The product Autodesk is most known for, was fist shipped in 1985. Thus, the early meetings were meetings were¬†used to share information about how to use, customization, third party add-ons, hardware, operating systems, and CAD management practices of AutoCAD.

The world has changed a lot since 1985 and the DRAW users group has adapted to the changes. Now we cover all the tools that are available from Autodesk as well as best practices and soon we will be doing more to keep up with the changed in the world of design.

Please note this site is under construction and will be changing so please check back frequently for updated information.